Gala Bingo

Building on decades of experience as a bingo hall operator in the UK Gala Bingo is one of the UK’s leading online bingo sites and brings an enviable level of confidence, fun, and reliable service to its customers.

Upon joining you can expect one of the best new player offers around, just spend £10 to play with £40. On top of that you get 7-days access to their Newbie Room where each game is seeded with £25 in prize money and you play for free.

Gala Bingo’s loyalty points, or Buzz Bonus Points are earned with every game, not just every deposit. And with over 634,000 bingo winners in May alone they appear to have built a very loyal following!

Bingo aficionados will be spoilt for choice with a range of 22 diverse bingo rooms. These include traditional 75, 80 and 90 ball games as well as a brand new, quick-fire 50 ball game, Coconut Island which also features a tidy £1,000 jackpot for players completing a full house in a set number of calls.

Other popular bingo rooms include the uniquely licensed television tie-ins which you just can’t find at any other bingo sites. There’s the bombastic team action of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Take Takeaway Bingo or you can make a play for Coronation Street’s ‘Golden Cobbles’ progressive jackpot which just paid out an impressive £16,846.02 over one month. In fact, Gala Bingo players cashed in 166 jackpot wins across all games in May.

If you’re after a more authentic Bingo experience you can’t beat Gala Live which features live bingo hosts broadcasting over a live feed bringing the bingo hall directly to your living room.

One of’s real strengths comes from its fantastically involved team of Chat Hosts who direct the games and monitor customer chat feeds to greet players and get them all feeling involved as well as issuing discretionary bonuses, dealing with disputes and solving most problems.

Players vote for their favourite Chat Hosts and fellow roomies each month on the site’s community page. You can see from the comments there how much they appreciate the special attention paid to them by their hosts.

For those who might prefer slots, games and scratchcards there’s an unrivalled selection to be found, including a great selection of exclusive titles you can’t find anywhere else, such as: Coronation St, Dolly Parton and Footballers’ Wags slots or the Girls’ Night Out Scratch. Home computer users can access over 300 games like this while mobile and tablet users can also choose from a reasonably impressive selection of 60.

With the launch of “Flutter” Gala Bingo has opened a door on the traditionally male dominated world of betting. The gambling jargon is kept to a minimum and there are helpful video tutorials to help novices place their first bets on anything from the identity of Lucy Beale’s killer to the winner of Wimbledon or the gender of the next Royal baby.

Similarly Gala Bingo’s new “Lotto” feature allows customers to take part in an array of international lotteries they might never otherwise even have heard of.

Allowing players to play anywhere and everywhere is a real priority for Gala Bingo. You can easily download their App store app or just use their fully optimised mobile website for all tablets and smartphones running up-to-date versions or iOS or Android – very helpful.

Lastly, one of the most important considerations for online Bingo players is the quality of customer service they can expect. This an area in which excels. Their friendly, helpful Customer Support Team can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through their UK Freephone number: 0800 294 7294 (or  +44  1483 716 540 from outside the UK). Alternatively you can also reach them by email at or, if you’re logged in, through Live Chat on the website itself.

Gala Bingo have clearly made huge strides over the last two years, coming up with imaginative  little touches that are sure to help them edge ahead of their competition.

Register Here for a free Gala Bingo Players Account

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Why play online bingo?

In many people’s opinions playing online bingo is definitely one of the better options.  When you are playing at a brick and mortar bingo hall, you’ll need to wait for a break until you can either take a bathroom break, get yourself a drink or even go out for cigarette.  If you’re playing online bingo on the other hand the fact that you can get software that will auto daub the tickets for you means that after you have purchased a ticket you can do almost anything you want while the game is in play.  You can get up to get a drink, or use the restroom, or take a phone call, you do not have to sit and wait for a break in order to do something else while you’re playing.  You can also enjoy playing side games while the main bingo game is in progress.
Another big reason that online bingo is so incredibly fun to play, is that you can enjoy speaking with other bingo enthusiasts in the chat rooms on these bingo sites.  More often than not there are chat hosts in the chat rooms that do a great job of keeping the chat moving along, and encouraging players interact with each other by doing things like running chat games that can win you instant prizes.  This is a great advantage because you can’t always speak with other players while you’re in a brick and mortar bingo hall, as many players like to concentrate on their game and not on having a conversation.  The interaction between players playing online bingo is a great reason to play.
Another good point is that many online bingo sites offer you welcome bonuses if you have never played at that particular site before.  There are many sites that will give you money just for signing up, or give you an additional amount of money want to make a further deposit.  This is a great way to get free money in order to play bingo.
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A brief guide to online bingo

With millions of people enjoying playing games at bingo halls each and every day doing fundraising activities, charitable events and giveaways, the fun of playing online bingo has turned out to be a big part of the daily lives of many of those players.
It is a well known fact that a huge percent of players that take part and playing online bingo on the Internet are women.  There is a huge marketplace of free online bingo sites which attract all types of players including women looking to socialize and interact with people who enjoy the game as much as they do.
The popularity of online bingo started right around the mid 1990s.  As a matter of fact online bingo was one of the earliest of Internet casino-type games that came into the Internet gaming arena.  In the past decades there have been huge numbers of free online bingo Internet sites that have developed massive followings of players that enjoy playing the game together.
Today’s developments in bingo software allow the players to do many other things while they’re playing online bingo.  This includes chatting with other players during the game and taking a break whenever they see fit to do so.  It is very simple to download software that will help you keep track of your numbers while you’re playing bingo.
While it is still fun and sometimes profitable to play games at churches and bingo halls it is currently more popular to play bingo online.  People from all over the world are able to try their luck at this very enjoyable game.
Given the fact that most bingo games can be quite lengthy there is the opportunity for you to pass the time by chatting with your fellow players and meeting people from all over the world.  You also have the opportunity to win more money by playing bingo side games.
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Take a Thrilling Ride Round London City With Red Bus Bingo


Online bingo is a word that means a lot to millions of people all over the world, especially to the Europeans. Europeans have accepted online bingo games as their main source of online entertainment. This has resulted in huge demand for online bingo sites and the industry has responded well to it. There are a lot of bingo sites operating in UK. But, the people of UK have been playing bingo for quite a while now and it takes more than just normal bingo games to impress them and live up to their taste. So, sites have come up with exciting new ideas to make a mark in this billion dollar industry. One of the new sites which have caught every one’s imagination is Red Bus Bingo.

 Red Bus Bingo entered the scene just last year on the 29th of April. Only one year down the line and it is already considered to be one of the best and most popular bingo sites in UK. There are so many reasons behind this huge success of Red Bus Bingo. The site makers did a thorough study of the bingo market to find out the features which can make a bingo site successful. After doing the research they have come up with a site that does not only take care of all the essential demands of bingo players, it takes the online bingo experience to a whole new level.

 Red Bus Bingo very tactfully and creatively made their theme one of the most attractive features of their site. As you can already guess from the name, the site is themed on the historical Red Bus which according to many is nothing but the charm of London city. Once you visit the site, you will feel like, you are taking a trip down the London city.

The theme might be one of the best features of Red Bus Bingo but it surely is not the only thing that attracts tons of people every day. The site has a great bonus package, including a 250% bonus on the signing up amount up to 100 pounds. On the following deposits, you are rewarded with 50% of the whole amount. The 22 bingo rooms offers a wide range of exciting games including the 75 and 90 ball bingo games while maintaining a strong London atmosphere.

 Red Bus Bingo is a great online bingo site to check out as it promises a fun-filled and thrilling online bingo experience.

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Why people play bingo

People enjoy playing bingo for a varied number of different reasons.  The most popular reason for playing the game of bingo is that it is just plain fun.  If the people playing bingo did not find it fun they would not be spending their time and money playing the game.  People win at bingo because of simple luck and not because of any particular method.  You’ll find that there is no strategy or any way that can increase one player’s chances of being able to win the game so many people find bingo to be incredibly relaxing.

When people are playing bingo in a land based establishment it can definitely be a mechanical but enjoyable experience.  The bingo caller calls the numbers as they come up and the players will check the cards and mark the numbers.  People are able to converse with the other players that are sitting around them and many people enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people while the game is progressing.

Many players find online bingo to be an automatic experience.  This is due to the fact the players able to set software to auto daub the numbers as they’re called and even to signal for them when they have bingo.  The software will do all this for them.  This can be very therapeutic for many people to be able to watch.  As the software is doing all the work, players find that they are able to do other things while the game is going on.  They can do things like chatting in chat-rooms were playing side games while they’re keeping track of the bingo game.

If players will find that there are offered a wide variety of side games by casino games and video poker that they can enjoy about the bingo game is going on.  These games will increase player’s ability to win and will also add an element of excitement to the online playing experience.  You should always make sure and chart that the game you want to play is offered on the site you’re choosing to play at.

Another huge part of the online bingo playing experience are the specials and promotions that are offered on bingo websites.  Players are able to take advantage of all types of offers as bingo sites will have some type of special or promotion going on at one time or another.  Taking the opportunity to benefit from bingo bonuses while playing online is something that all players should do.  Bingo bonuses will come in the form of cash or credits that are deposited in the wagering account or merchandise.  When you’re playing online bingo you should always read the rules and regulations so that you know which rules apply to the game that you’re playing.

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The popularity of online bingo

One of the biggest reasons that the game of online bingo is so popular is the chat features that are offered on the site.  This is a great way to stay in touch with other players that are on the site and get a feeling of being part of a community.

Online bingo caters to many different age groups that are interested in playing bingo.  Different age groups enjoy playing bingo for different reasons.  Younger generations enjoy playing bingo online because of  online chat features and the oppertunity to win prizes while older generations enjoy playing bingo online as they did not have to go through the hassle of having to pick up their bingo kit to head to the traditional smoke filled bingo hall.  When you’re playing online bingo you’ll find that there are many assortments of rooms to join and several variations of the game to keep it entertaining.  If you’re playing bingo for money it is possible to be able to win 5 to 8 times the amount of the cost of the bingo ticket that you purchased. 

 As soon as you log into your online bingo account you’ll be given the opportunity to choose how many bingo card show going to play with.  Many times you can choose to play with as little as three cards.  There are many features are in online bingo sites that make playing it easy and fun.  One such feature is the automatic marker feature.  When you use this feature you’ll not have to worry about missing a number if you get distracted from the game.  Not to mention you’ll have no bingo dauber stains on your hands.  You’ll be able to answer the phone or take a break whenever you choose towhile you’re playing bingo online.  When it comes to online bingo most of the players are found to be below 50 with the majority of the players being women.

Another very exciting reason that bingo has become popular is that it is a great way for friends and family there a great distance apart to be able to stay in contact and have fun spending time together.  Just like any online chat a good quality bingo sites will have a feature that you can see what players are online in which gay men that they’re playing in.  So you’ll have the opportunity to logon to your favorite bingo site and meet friends and family to have fun and have a chance to win prizes and money while you’re at it.  Many rooms have private chat features where you can have private conversations with friends and family.  Basically all of these great features will allow you to play when you want, where you want and with whom you want.

As mentioned earlier in this article many of the people that are enjoying bingo online these days following two different age groups.  Likely to be the largest group of people playing bingo online is the above 45 age group.  There are many sites that used to conduct surveys to determine the players age and gender so they could advertise accordingly.  So there are many games sites that would be missing out if they did not take the time to direct a portion of advertising for this age group.  Many surveys indicate that about 85% of the online bingo market is located in the United States followed by the United Kingdom even though most online bingo sites are based in the United Kingdom.

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Playing Bingo on Facebook

If you are thinking about playing online bingo but do not want to play for any money, then playing bingo on Facebook is a great way to practice.  The reason behind this is that there’s realistic bingo gaming practice and many people enjoying the games which gives a good social aspect to playing bingo.  There is no better chance to be able to enjoy the benefits of bingo when you’re looking for some practice then at your favorite social networking site.  Playing bingo on Facebook offers excellent features and applications.  There are a great many reasons why people enjoy playing bingo on Facebook.  One of biggest reasons of its popularity is the ease-of-access.  All you need to do is quick and you’re ready to play bingo on Facebook any time of the day and night.
You’ll find that there is a wide variety of options for a bingo gaming while you’re on Facebook.  There are many extremely popular bingo games that millions of people enjoy playing.  While real cash prizes are not a part of bingo gaming on Facebook you’ll find that there’s plenty that you can enjoy it while you’re becoming comfortable with the game.  The exceptional graphics and audio-visual effects are definitely worth your attention while you’re playing.
As soon as you get started with Facebook bingo applications it’s just a matter of finding your way through an assortment of different levels and tournaments while you are getting ready for exciting online gaming.  Playing bingo on Facebook is the perfect way to be able to get comfortable and enjoy the game without having to put forth any money. You have the opportunity of being able to play whenever you want and to be able play with all your friends online.
As soon as you get the hang of playing bingo online by enjoying gaming on Facebook you can then move on to playing bingo for real money.

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Tips for New Online Bingo Sites

Are you finding yourself tired with traditional land-based bingo establishments?  Have you become frustrated with the lack of games that they offer?  If you have been, not to worry, all you have to do is look no further than your home computer.  There are many websites that now offer you new and thrilling bingo games from the comfort of your very own home.
Over the last few years the advancements in the online bingo world have been outstanding.  Were you aware that you are now able to play bingo on well over 50,000 licensed new bingo sites?  Online bingo has become one of the most popular pastimes online with well over a million players logged on every day to play.

There are bingo sites that are popping up every day, and offering special promotion games in order to encourage new players to their site.  These games are incredibly exciting and cannot help but grab your attention and get you to play.
Many brand new bingo sites will offer a free bingo game room.  These games are usually for all funded bingo players, and they can win a set amount of money each night without having to buy a card.  All the cards for these types of games are provided for no charge so there’s no better incentive to join then an oppertunity to win free money.

Bingo is an incredibly easy game to understand.  Live bingo games will start with you being given bingo cards with different numbers on.  Each card will contain numbers that are randomly placed.  The bingo caller will then have them out at random.  It is then your job as a player to correctly mark the numbers as they’re called out.  If you’re able to achieve marking off the correct sequence of numbers that was required ,then you have achieved bingo.
Most people believe that bingo is a game of chance, however just like any other game if you learn to play correctly you’ll be able to increase the chances of winning.  Many of the new online bingo sites will cater to those that are inexperienced in playing.  Many sites will offer automated daubbers to help ensure the player never misses the number that was called out  They will also provide new players with the opportunity to be able to play bingo for free.  If you’re new to playing online bingo than you are able to test the waters before fully committing to depositing any money.

Another extremely exciting feature to many new online bingo rooms is their chat feature.  This means that in these bingo rooms that you’re able to celebrate your winnings and commiserate about your losses with other real life players. Bingo chat rooms are an incredibly important feature to have on any bingo site.  You’ll be able to create friendships with people all over the world all because of the love of the game of bingo, one of the best examples of a fully licensed bingo with chat is

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Where to find the best online bingo sites

Bingo has been played in traditional bingo halls for years but very recently online bingo has become an incredibly popular alternative. It really comes as no surprise that online bingo is so popular and has an incredible base of Internet users. Online bingo is no doubt the fastest growing online game with new sites popping up each week. This leads to players having a hard time choosing which side is best for them.

Many players are left with several questions when you’re looking for an online bingo site such as: if “Where is the best place to play?” “Which sites can I trust?” and “Which sites have the best chat-rooms to meet new friends?”

 So where should new players start when they are looking for the best bingo sites. One of the best ways to begin is to use a major search engine like Google in order to search through bingo sites. You’ll find that there are a great many sites that have reviewed and listed which bingo websites of the best and most trusted. All of these websites have been viewed on their customer service, the ease of navigation, help trustworthy the site is, the online community and of course the jackpots and prices. All of the sites that are recommended on these websites have been played at most successful deposits and withdrawals so it’s guaranteed that they are 100% safe.

 Along with having a list of the best and most trusted online bingo sites you’ll also find great bingo tips, bingo news as well as senate deals and ongoing promotions offered by different bingo sites. Most people that plays bingo do it just for the fun of it, however it is nice to be able to win some money every down again.

 Websites like these make it very easy for bingo players to be able to search for a site to play at as other players have already done the research and reviewed the best pages for you.

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Things to do on online bingo sites

Online bingo websites offer its players a wide variety of different games and activities for the entertainment. You’ll find that there’s plenty to do it in online bingo site which is why they’re such an extremely popular source of entertainment. You’ll find that there are hundreds of different online playing sites with millions of different players that like the convenience of being able to play bingo online.. Players will be able to take part in a variety of different exciting games without having to leave the comfort of their own home and they are able to play games whenever they want.

 The game of bingo is the primary attraction at all online bingo sites. If players did not enjoy playing bingo than they would join an online casino or arcade games site instead. Online bingo websites specialize in bingo providing several different versions of bingo games for players to enjoy. Online players have the opportunity to select the site that offers different versions of the game that are not offered in land-based play. There are many big money games and a varied selection of bingo game variations available for players to enjoy.

In addition to the various bingo games that are offered players can also enjoy playing side games. These types of games can include insane games, arcade games, video poker and many additional types of games. These games provide additional gambling opportunities to those that are playing. Players find these games incredibly entertaining and they can result in big winnings for players. The suction aside games available will vary from site to site so players should be sure that the site offers a site games that they enjoy playing.

Players who enjoy socializing with other players will enjoy the chat-rooms on online bingo sites. The chat room has a screen that allows players to take messages. This is a great way to be able to make friends with other site members. Players will be able to minimize the keystrokes that they take by learning chat room lingo. Players will also be able to take part in chat-rooms games and activities.

 There are many bingo sites that host for the galleries for players able to post the pictures and biographical information. There are some sites that even offer e-mail privileges. Many sites will give players the opportunity to be able to post articles, jokes and recipes. Some bingo sites will have a new section related to bingo while others will have synopses of different popular television shows. There are some bingo sites that host own online radio shows with contests and entertainment for those that are members of the site. Most all bingo sites will offer a great selection of exciting contest that can result in great prizes.

You’ll find that there’s plenty to do at online bingo sites and if there wasn’t online bingo would be such a popular form of entertainment.

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